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A little about us..

How we got this far and what we stand for?

Emily founded Bumble & Bee Jewellery in 2017, with a passion for beautiful, affordable and long lasting jewellery. Since then Bumble & Bee has grown beyond her wildest dreams, now teaching silver smithing classes and selling her jewellery across the world. 

Our Sterling Silver jewellery is handmade using the most premium, high quality long lasting and ethically sourced recycled silver from the UK.

Our silver collections are created using solid sterling silver so that it will be just as high quality in 10 years time as the day it's purchased.

Our silver is also all recycled before being made in to our jewellery and any offcuts are kept and used to create our Zero Waste Collection.

Our products are designed with intention and made to last a life time.

All packaged is designed to be kept to store our jewels and created from eco friendly materials.

All our products are designed to be accessible for everyone, which is why our ring sizes range from C - Z.

We pledge to off set any negative impact we migjht have on the environment so that our carbon footprint is neutral at a minimum.

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