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Embrace sustainable living with our Summer Punch Diffuser Refill. We believe in reducing waste and helping the environment, which is why we encourage you to return your empty refill bottle. As a token of appreciation for your eco-consciousness, we offer a discount on your next refill.


The refreshing blend of sweet and tangy fruits, including juicy peach, ripe mango, and succulent pineapple, invigorates your senses, creating an energetic and lively atmosphere. This vibrant and uplifting scent will transport you to a tropical paradise, instantly creating a lively and joyful ambiance.


Made with premium fragrance oils and a natural vegan diffuser base! Our diffuser refill is designed to last, providing a continuous summer fragrance experience for 4-5 months. You can effortlessly replenish the scent and enjoy the delightful aroma that Summer Punch offers.


In addition to its long-lasting fragrance, our refill also contributes to reducing single-use waste. Join us in our mission to build a greener world while immersing your space in the refreshing scent of Summer Punch. Experience the beauty of sustainable living and treat your senses to this vibrant and invigorating aroma. Together, we can make a difference and create a harmonious blend of luxury and environmental responsibility.


Scent- Summer Punch

250ml diffuser refil

Lasts between 4-5 months!

Hand-poured by us in the UK


£16.00 Regular Price
£11.20Sale Price
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