What Makes A Piece Of Jewellery Truly Meaningful

An emotional connection can be all it takes

You might think that jewellery needs to come with a hefty price tag or be made of precious materials, to have meaning. But the true significance is not defined by the weight of your gold or the size of your diamonds—meaning in jewellery comes from having an emotional connection to it.

Even if you don’t have anything that was handed down to you from a relative, there are ways for you to create meaningful pieces. Here are three ideas on how you can add meaning and sentimentality to your existing jewellery—or even create new pieces from scratch:

  • Choose a piece that has special significance for you already. Whether it’s sentimental like an old ring from a loved one; or something more modern, like a simple pair of earrings that would complete an outfit perfectly; choosing something for personal reasons will instantly make it more special!
  • Have some fun with the design! There are lots of different ways you can customise and personalise the look of plainer jewellery. Add stones or charms that are meaningful to you; engrave them with a message or image; wear multiple necklaces together at once—the possibilities are endless!
  • Sometimes all it takes is changing up your usual style. Adding sentimental value can sometimes be as simple as wearing a piece differently than normal! For example, if all your necklaces tend to be worn alone near the collarbone area (like mine), try wearing one lower down, over another necklace as well…or even try layering several necklaces together at once! (take a look at our necklace layering tool to avoid nasty tangles!)


Start with something personal

  • In the jewellery world, a truly meaningful piece has a story behind it. The best way to create emotional resonance with your jewellery is to make sure there's something personal connecting you to it.
  • For many people, jewellery represents milestones in their lives: weddings and anniversaries, births and baptisms, graduations and retirements. There can be significant memories attached to these pieces—perhaps they were gifts from family or friends, reminders of the time you spent with someone special while travelling abroad, or maybe even something you purchased on a whim that ended up becoming far more important than you could've ever imagined. Whatever the case may be with your jewellery collection, these kinds of moments are what turn ordinary items into cherished possessions over time. When we're talking about sentimentality in jewellery design, this is what we mean: something uniquely meaningful between two people that only they will understand when they look at the piece together (or apart).

The best way to create emotional resonance with your jewellery is to make sure there's something personal connecting you to it. For example: if I was going through tough times as a kid and made my parents promise me everything would be better someday if I never gave up hope—I might design an engagement ring for myself using my favourite stone (emerald) as well as some kind of symbol representing this commitment such as hearts or other symbols chosen specifically by me."


A gift doesn't have to be expensive to be meaningful

The price tag doesn't always have to be as large as the gesture itself.

Just because something is fancy and expensive doesn’t mean it’s more meaningful than a piece that cost significantly less. It’s not what something costs; it’s what it means to you, the recipient and the giver. These days, there are so many beautiful jewellery pieces on a budget that are both sleek and stylish, proving that you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds to find a “truly meaningful gift." 

Saving money doesn't mean sacrificing quality either! For example, we have chic pieces for under 30 pounds that can be layered to create a classy and unique look.  

A sentimental piece of jewellery can be life-changing.

After all, a good piece of jewellery is more than something that sparkles or is considered fashionable. If it's truly meaningful to you, it has the power to be life-changing. So what makes a piece of jewellery truly meaningful?

  • Feel good about wearing it
  • Be open-minded to different types of jewellery
  • Think about what the piece means to you
  • Make your own jewellery (take a look at our workshops and jewellery making kits!)

Ultimately, the value of any piece of jewellery is subjective—its meaning depends on your relationship to it. All that matters is that you have a connection to it and that you enjoy wearing it, no matter what you pick out. 

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